Interior Design by Laura Riverman

About Me:


I have a degree from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in San Francisco. I’ve been an independent interior designer for the past 7 years and also consult on home projects for Miller Paint NW. In addition to my design background, I have 15 years of retail and business experience working in merchandise management for Macy’s and Nordstrom.

Color, design, textures, and beautifully balanced spaces are my passion. I’d love to create something beautiful for you to enjoy.

Client Testimonials

“Laura is very creative and has an eye for detail. The rooms she helped design for us are warm, comfortable, and enjoyable to live in. Laura knows how to make the most of any size space, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality.”

Jennifer Margolis

I met Laura at a local paint store where on each first Saturday she would offer free consultation. At the paint store, she helped picked the colors for my home theater room. Based on that excellent experience, I scheduled a consultation meeting with Laura where I told her what were my desires including budget for a remodel of the living areas of my house. She provided a plan and also educated me on what changes would bring the most impact. She also provided design ideas that were outside my budget that I could consider. My budget was flexible, but I wanted to make sure the monies were well spent. However she never did push to exceed the budget, but carefully explained why I should consider adding items to the plan. Her fees were minimal in the overall budget unlike her design decisions which had a terrific impact. By using Laura’s design services, I avoided making potential huge expensive mistakes for a fraction of the overall budget.

She carefully shopped for furniture and accessories often finding items at bargain prices but fitting well with the more expensive items. I am extremely pleased with the colors, furniture and accessories that she choose. Based on the successful remodel project, I also did hire her services for choosing colors for outside of the house.

Ken Krolikoski

“We were very fortunate to have Laura Riverman design and decorate our staff room at Hiteon Elementary.  What a joy it is to walk into our staff room and find such a relaxing, warm and inviting place to socialize and eat.  The paint colors, artwork, and design work are amazing.  Laura has such an eye for gorgeous interior style.  Her organization, attention to detail, and follow through are also exceptional.  It was a pleasure to work with Laura and watch her work her magic on our staff room!”

Ginny Hansmann

My experience working with Laura was amazing! She provided me with a beautiful selection of materials for my master bath remodel, eliminating costly mistakes I would have made by myself and giving my finished job the look I could only dream of.

After seeing the completed bath I had Laura back to finish the rest of my home with wonderful results. Thank you again for a fantastic job!

Todd Bradley

“Designer” and “Decorator” usually evoke thoughts of mansions, estates and manor houses, but Laura treated my modest condo as a worthy assignment. I am very pleased at what her recommendations added to the look, feel and livability of my unit. The paint colors, carpet, drapes and arrangements (furniture and decorations) she suggested all fit within the budget I had allocated. I will have her back.

Kenneth Krause

“My family was in the process of a home remodel.  We were planning on changing the colors of all the rooms on the lower level.  I was simply overwhelmed with all of the color choices and not confident that I could pick colors that would work together.  Laura to the rescue!  Laura was very professional and helped me choose colors that I loved and that would work together in our space.  She is great to work with and I will recommend her to my friends.”

Beth Westley

When I first made an appointment with Laura, I was not certain if she would be able to help me choose paint color from the 75+ color samples I had culled down to. But, in less than an hour she enabled me to winow it down to four colors and a dozen choices total. After taking samples of each of those colors and applying them to the actual walls, I was close to making final decisions. With Laura’s assistance and keen eye for color, I was able to make final choices. When faced with two almost alike colors, she helped me see and understand why one was better, for me and my home, than the other. After painting my home 7 different colors, I could not be happier with the results. Every one of the colors is perfect for the space it is in. I would not have gotten such stunning results without Laura’s help and perception.

Jeffery Jacobs

“Laura worked extremely well with my children as we designed their bedrooms, helping them stay on task and select colors that matched their personalities. She helped us choose color combinations that we would not have thought of on our own but look great together! Hiring Laura was well worth our money. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.”

Michele Greenwood

“As a painting contractor, I have had the privilege of working with Laura for five years.  She is extremely professional, reliable, and conscientious – overall a true delight to work with.  She takes time to really get to know her clients, creating unique, beautiful spaces that showcase their personality and sense of style.  I have referred her to many of my own clients and highly recommend her for any interior design project.”

C. Connolly

“Laura made a big job very easy.  She came well prepared to help me pick out colors for inside my house.  Together we chose colors that flowed nicely from room to room.

I am very pleased with the outcome and with her pricing.  Laura also gave me ideas for decorating afterward that really have been helpful.  The whole process has been a pleasant experience.”

Judy Hassell

“Hiring Laura to help me pick colors, furniture, and accessories was one of the best things I ever did for my home!  I hated my living room and did not enjoy spending time there because it wasn’t comfortable.  With Laura’s help, we transformed the space into a cozy room that my whole family enjoys!  I’ll be calling Laura whenever it is time for a change, but I don’t think that will happen any time soon, because I love the room so much!  Hmm, maybe it’s time to redecorate my bedroom…”

Lorena Kuhns

Several months ago, my husband and I moved to Portland from Nebraska. We were transformed into complete hapless urchins when we found ourselves alone in a new town and in a house cluttered with unpacked boxes, misplaced furniture, stark uncolored walls and staring glass windows. Ugh. This strange house was not our home. I wanted, I needed, I longed for the warmth we left in Nebraska. I needed help. I wanted someone who would respect my style, give me suggestions about how I could color and arrange my hapless house, and do so quickly, independently and inexpensively. I was blessed to have found Laura Riverman! Laura came gently into our home for an initial consultation, listened patiently and carefully to my ramblings, and returned in one week for a second visit. Laura brought with her a customized palette of colors, fabrics and design ideas that immediately made me happy. I loved Laura’s suggestions and so did my husband. Only two visits, minimum expense! As the weeks and months passed, my husband and I have enjoyed great payback…and great feedback from family and friends. Laura’s design palette has been a constant companion and guide in every paint store and specialty shop we visit. It first helped us jumpstart ourselves into action and continues to help us sensibly coordinate our color and design activities on our own. Our house is thankfully becoming our new home in Portland. And we thank, thank Laura for her inspiration! Let her help you! She’s good. She’s nice. And she’s affordable.

Sharon Rysavy