Interior Design by Laura Riverman


I charge $75.00 for a 1 hour consultation.
This is an opportunity to discuss all the details of your project and have a color evaluation done. Some design decisions can be made during this time, but it often turns into a brainstorming session to determine your needs.

Once the consultation is done I will send you a detailed proposal of all design work needed to support your project. Design fees include:

  • Paint color choices
  • Material selection: flooring, counter tops, carpet, fixtures, lighting, art
  • Space evaluation: furniture placement
  • Picture placement
  • Accent pieces

I managed my time and your money wisely. It’s helpful having a designer to collaborate with you on your decisions and help guide you to new ones. Having a designer work with your contractor/builder or architect will result in a beautiful finished project.

Contact me so we can get your project started.